IGPDecaux Graphic Award

IGPDecaux, consistently with its mission, launches for the second year the IGPDecaux Graphic Award contest for visual and motion designers, art directors, 3D artists, illustrators and copywriters who put their creativity to the test on the topic:


Participants in the contest will have to interpret the theme by creating digital graphics that may be used in an advertising poster and have visibility on IGPDecaux Out-Of-Home communication spaces 
throughout Italy.


About IGPDecaux

IGPDecaux, a JCDecaux Group company, is a leader in Italy in the field of external communication. We provide Out-Of-Home (OOH) and Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) communication solutions to be harmoniously integrated in urban contexts, such as road transportation vehicles, but also in airports, on underground trains, and on urban design structures and billposting in general, to make cities ever more accessible, comfortable, and pleasant to live in. Our aim is to create increasingly personalized communications focused on customer needs, useful for citizens, with a pleasant and environmentally friendly design, as well as sensitive to environmental and social sustainability issues.

These are the ideals that have pushed IGPDecaux, as well as the entire JCDecaux Group, to focus with a strong emphasis on the sustainable development of their activities through an ESG Strategy (Environment, Social, Governance) that fully reflects the company’s mission – providing cities with assets and services that are useful to citizens and help fund public transport through advertising. That is how the IGPDecaux Group conceived the Street Furniture concept based on the principles of functional economy and eco-design to provide citizens and transport companies with useful and sustainable services, without impacting local finances or taxpayers.